Kelsey headshot.jpg


My greatest creative influence?
Vidal Sassoon

Go ahead and leave me on a desert island, but don't forget to leave me these three things...
A Hatchet, A Lighter, lifetime supply of Margaritas

I'm hosting a dinner party for 7 people, dead or alive. Who's sitting at my table?
Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Will Ferrel, John Mayer, Tina Fey, Albus Dumbledore, Dobby the House Elf

Im most likely to be reincarnated as...
Golden Retriever

Listen to me sing my heart out to this karaoke song...
Never gonna give you up- Rick Astley

If you picked me out of a crayon box you'd be holding...
Macaroni and Cheese

The most meaningful gift i've ever given was...
Driving 7 hours to surprise my mom for her Birthday