Go ahead and leave me on a desert island, but don't forget to leave me these three things...
1-A box of wine 2-machete 3-maluma :)

Given the choice what era would I live in?
My heart would say 60's. Being organic, good music, and I'd be on a farm somewhere smoking pot. The rest of my body would say 70's/ 80's dancing and parting like a rockstar. 

I'm hosting a dinner party for 7 people, dead or alive. Who's sitting at my table?
Tony Robbins, Elon musk, Ellen, Susan Sarandon, Whitney Houston (pre Bobby brown) David Beckman and Leonardo DiCaprio

The magazine, book, or tv show the i'm kind of addicted to is...
NOVELAS (son senos no hay paraiso)

Listen to me sing my heart out to this karaoke song...
Sir Mix A Lot - I Like Big Butts

The most meaningful gift i've ever given was...
A Vegan Cake that took 3 days to make

My astrological sign is... (hope it's not a deal breaker)