We've created a membership-based salon founded on a few simple principles:

  • You deserve luxury and exceptional quality from your salon.
  • You’re happier when you love the way you look. 
  • You should always feel your best.

We're making these attainable by giving you options in the way you get your hair done and creating a culture of confidence and beauty. 
As a member of Society, you get what you really want; perfect hair, everyday. Our membership's include unlimited monthly services—take a look at our memberships and see which one best suits your lifestyle.  

The concept behind Society was a collaborative effort between two childhood friends: Sam DiVine, a celebrity stylist who trained under some of the industry's best, and Ashley DeAzevedo, an operations and customer service guru. The two joined forces to bring Society to its flagship location in the stylish West Hollywood area of Los Angeles. The salon's fresh, innovative model is unprecedented in its ability to provide you with an all- inclusive experience.