Okay But Seriously, Don’t Try To Bleach Your Own Hair


ear us out. We’ve seen a LOT of beauty content sites sharing comprehensive guides on how to bleach your hair at home. We're here to tell you why you shouldn't. The short version: These techniques take years for professionals to master. There are lots of things you can safely do to care for your hair and switch up your look at home, and we're happy to chat about those together. But when it comes to a self-applied bleach and tone? Please just don’t. Here’s why… 

It usually ends in a professional color correction 

The main reasons we hear that someone tried to bleach their own hair was to save either money, time, or both. Unfortunately, since DIY lightening rarely goes as planned, it usually leads to the opposite. Lots of extra expense and a lot of time at the salon. The most expensive service in most salons is a color correction which usually can’t be resolved in just one visit. It takes many appointments (and many hours of work) to remove hair color and try to achieve your desired color without causing any further damage. And as you may have guessed, the majority of our color correction clients attempted to use bleach on themselves, and were unsuccessful. 

It’s nearly impossible to do

It's incredibly challenging to apply bleach yourself. It takes precision and speed, and if you aren’t precise and quick at applying, you can do unnecessary harm to your hair. Your application must be even to avoid missing a section of hair (which could cause uneven color) and overlapping hair (which could cause breakage). In fact, it’s so complex that most stylists don't even lighten their own hair and ask their colleagues to help them out. 

You could seriously damage your hair or scalp

Bleach is no joke. It is a dangerous chemical which can harm your skin and your hair. By applying yourself, you can risk scalp burning, hair loss, breakage, and chemical damage—all of which can take years to repair.

To be candid, you probably will not love the result 

The results we typically see from clients who come to us after DIYing it? Patchy, uneven, varying tones. If that’s what you were going for, cool. But if not, it will be difficult, expensive, and time consuming to correct. 

The bottom line: Just don’t do it. We’re happy to make your platinum dreams come true— the safe way—anytime. 

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