4 Ways to Ease The Transition to Gray Hair


he key to transitioning from color-treated to naturally gray hair? Patience. It’s difficult to match hair that’s been dyed to naturally gray roots, so often there will be a noticeable transition. But, there are steps that you can take to soften that line, blend the new and old shades, and create a softer and less obvious effect. Here is some of our tried and true advice on easing the shift from colored to gray hair.

1. Add highlights and lowlights

Chat with your stylist about an all-over highlight and lowlight plan. Playing with a variety of darker and lighter shades will help camouflage that point where your gray and previously color-treated hair meets. As a bonus, it adds depth and dimension—and can brighten your complexion too. 

2. Consider a root smudge 

A root smudge is like the hair color equivalent of blending your makeup. It blurs the line of demarcation so that as your hair grows, the root doesn’t have an obvious contrast to your color-treated hair. It creates a more natural, lived-in, and lower maintenance look. For clients who are growing out their naturally gray hair, a root smudge is a great way to soften the line of new growth.

3. Experiment with new styles

If your goal is to opt out of salon color treatments altogether, you can ease your transition to gray by switching up your go-to hairstyles. Messy buns, french braids, deep side parts, and hair accessories can all draw the attention away from the line between your grays and dyed hair. 

4. Build a new gray-hair regimen

Your color isn’t the only thing that changes when embracing your gray hair. You’ll likely notice a difference in the texture of your hair too. Gray hair tends to be drier, more brittle, and may need a little more help maintaining shine. As your your old color grows out making way for your natural gray hair, we recommend adding a purple shampoo (to reduce yellowing and add vibrancy), adding a deep conditioner (to hydrate, soften, and smooth), and an in salon or at-home gloss (to boost shine).

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